Our private lessons are exclusive to you or your own group. If you are interested in joining a public group lesson, check out our public lessons.

At your place

If you live on the water or are vacationing in a residence with water access, we can bring our stand up paddleboarding lessons to you. By using your own water access point, we are able to teach you in the comfort of your home and we will be able to provide localized knowledge that will help you get the most out of the sport of stand up paddleboarding.


Paddle Fit Lessons

PaddleFit combines outdoor fitness with stand up paddle training and techniques. This is like Crossfit on water but with lots of fun as you get the work out of your life. Our goal is to provide you with a system that helps you achieve your fitness goals, improve your technique and guide you on your path to a healthy lifestyle.

 You do not need to bring your board to this work-out.  Just be ready to get salty!

Distance and Race Training lessons

We will work with you as an individual or small group in improving your stroke technique, drafting and other race tips as well as video analysis of what you are doing and how you can improve. We video tape you to review your stroke and form to help you improve.

Paddle Surf Lessons

The calm summer surf in Stone Harbor provides a great opportunity to learn how to paddle surf in a beginner-friendly environment. SUP surfing can be more challenging to a beginner because you are in the surf, with water moving underneath you. We recommend you first take our flat water SUP lesson in order to get a basic understanding of balancing, paddling, and water safety on a paddleboard. This will ensure that our time spent in the surf can be used to cover the basics of wave riding, awareness in the surf, and the more advanced movements and maneuvers you will be using to catch waves.

This is not New Jersey but we can teach you how to ride wave like this or just have fun.

Email or call us from the Contact page for times and availability of Paddlefit and Paddle Surf Lessons and schedule. Click here